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Dallas City Council Unanimously Adopts New Commercial Promoter Program

The new ordinance is intended to promote safety and accountability at large events in the city

DALLAS — Dallas City Council voted unanimously on Wednesday to adopt an ordinance amending the Dallas City Code to add a new Chapter 38A, “Promoters.” The ordinance is intended to keep Dallas residents safe at...

City of Dallas Vendor Registration

To become a vendor with the City of Dallas, please register on https://dallascityhall.bonfirehub.com and add commodity codes to your account so you are notified when a new opportunity is available. Here is a link to...

Food Series Collaborative

Want to start your own catering business? City of Dallas Small Business Center launches free 'Food Series Collaborative'

Join the Food Series Collaborative - 2022 Cohort 2

Mobile Food Vendor Interest Form

Mobile Food Units Interested in learning more about the City's Mobile Food Vending Zone Pilot Program.  Vendor...

Minority/Women Business Enterprise

It is the policy of the City of Dallas to involve certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs) to the greatest extent feasible on the City's construction, general services, and professional services contracts. It is the policy of the City of Dallas to encourage the growth and development of M/WBEs...

The Basics to Starting a Business: Where to Begin

Is there a simple step-by-step guide for starting a small business? Continue reading to learn about some ways to find the right steps you need to take depending on your small business.

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? When it comes to naming your business, the better question might be “what’s not in the name?” After all, the company we know as Apple is Apple. Not Apple Computers. Not Steve Jobs’ Apple. Microsoft? Again, just Microsoft: not Bill Gates’ Microsoft. Many other companies follow...

Your Business, Your Responsibility?

You decide to start your own small business. You’ve done the necessary research, and answered these fundamental questions: What to name your business? What products or services will you offer? Who are your customers? Who are your competitors? Will the business be a sole proprietorship? You even created a business...

In the Beginning: Before Entrepreneurship

Prepare yourself for entrepreneurship. Continue reading to understand how to evaluate your own skills as well as resources for helping you develop those skills that will help you launch your business.

Sizing Up Your Market to Launch this New Year

Researching your industry is an all too often neglected part of starting a business. Continue reading for more information about where and how to effectively conduct market research if your New Year's resolution includes launching a business this year.