The Basics to Starting a Business: Where to Begin

There are many ways to get your first business launched. Every business will have its unique characteristics that may make following a standard step-by-step guide not realistic. A food truck’s startup steps will be different from a homemade food goods just as selling exclusively online versus in a storefront will impact how you launch your business.

The Small Business Administration lists 10 steps to opening your small business, but you must consider that your idea may have different nuances that alter these steps or that may not be included in this generic step-by-step guide. These steps are what many startups should do in order to give their business the best chances for success from the beginning. However, you may also want to supplement this information with industry specific information as well as gathering insight from experienced entrepreneurs.

One way to expand your understanding of entrepreneurship is at the library. The Dallas Public Library subscribes to, this allows all City of Dallas residents with active library cards to have access to’s online learning databases that can help anyone learn software, technology and business skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Some of the courses, such as Entrepreneurship Foundations, include additional files with checklists and exercise files that supplement the video courses. In addition, courses have full searchable transcripts so that you can search for specific concepts and focus on a subject that you need more help with, improving your pitch to investors.

Also, visit the Calendar of Events for relevant small business information about workshops, networking events, and other small business assistance including the Business Foundation Series that takes early-stage entrepreneurs through basic steps toward launching your small business. Many of the events are hosted by partner organizations that are featured in the Resource Navigator, clicking on each event in the calendar will feature who is leading the event, where and when it will occur, as well as the cost and registration-if applicable.