Doing Business in Dallas

Doing Business in Dallas

Interested in starting your own business?

Evaluate your business idea and find the steps to start your business in Dallas. Get the permits you need for your construction project or new office opening and explore opportunities to doing business with the City of Dallas.

Small Business Startup Guide
Get Building and Development Permits
Become a Vendor of the City of Dallas

Why Dallas?

Find out about the great economic and quality of life assets available in this dynamic and enterprising city. Look into the programs and initiatives of the City of Dallas designed to help businesses and communities succeed.

The City of Dallas Small Business Center  maintains programs and services for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and vendors.

The Place for Your Business

Dallas offers an exceptional combination of assets, reasonable regulations and business friendly tax structure. Dallas is also committed to supporting local businesses through its procurement programs and development incentives. Explore the opportunities and responsibilities that come from a Dallas business address.