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The Entrepreneurship team is set to provide small business and vendor assistance, funding opportunities and business/technical advising.

The Small Business Center offers a variety of grants and loans specifically designed to support entrepreneurs and businesses in the South Dallas area. One such funding opportunity is the South Dallas Fair Park Opportunity Fund, which provides financial assistance to small businesses looking to establish or expand their operations within the South Dallas Fair Park neighborhood. This fund aims to stimulate economic growth, create employment opportunities, and revitalize the local community.

Another funding option is the Southern Dallas Investment Fund, which provides access to capital for businesses operating in Southern Dallas. This fund is dedicated to supporting small businesses in historically underserved areas, helping them thrive and contribute to the economic development of the region.

In addition to grants and loans, the Small Business Center also offers the Southern Dallas Adaptive Reuse Grant. This grant is specifically targeted towards businesses seeking to repurpose or renovate existing buildings in Southern Dallas. By encouraging adaptive reuse, this grant program promotes sustainable development, revitalizes underutilized spaces, and enhances the overall appeal and functionality of Southern Dallas neighborhoods.

Through these grants and loans, the Small Business Center demonstrates its commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, driving economic growth, and promoting equitable opportunities in South Dallas.

Entrepreneurship - Small Business Programs

South Dallas/Fair Park Opportunity Fund

  • Providing loans and grants to promote economic development and   support human development initiatives in neighborhoods surrounding Fair Park

Southern Dallas Investment Fund

  •   Spurring economic development within the southern Dallas boundary

Southern Dallas Adaptive Reuse Grant

  •   Building improvements to eligible commercial building owners who are   for-  profit business operators in the building being improved.

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Staff Contact: Anthony Barwick, Program Administrator, Entrepreneurship,  [email protected], 214-587-1130