How to Apply

Beware of scammers posing as representatives of FreshStart program requesting donations or money. We will never solicit funds from our community members. Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

**NOTE: Participation in the FreshStart Employment Program does not guarantee hiring**

1. Submit your online pre-eligibility form 

Submit your online pre-eligibility form to see if you qualify. Click here to access the online form.

2. Wait for Email Approval

Within 24 hours you should receive an email confirming your eligibility. Once you receive your approval email, look out for your class information. 

3. Start Applying to Jobs

Please apply for any position you believe you are eligible for based on current and/or previous work experience. Once the application is submitted, your name will be forwarded to the hiring manager for interview consideration. Let FreshStart staff know when you apply to a position so they can reference you.   

If you interview and/or are issued a contingent offer letter before speaking with a member of the FreshStart staff, please email us at [email protected] after you interview or receive an offer letter. Attempts to move forward without FreshStart’s involvement can jeopardize your employment opportunity. 

4. Job Readiness Class

You will receive a link that will display a list of centers. Pick the closest one to you and call to find what best times work best to complete your course. Email your certificate back to us 

Contact your nearest Texas Workforce Solutions(TWS) office for questions related to training and schedules and complete the virtual training.  Also, please ask TWS about the required registration for Work-In-Texas.  You also have the option of locating your job readiness course. Once you’ve completed the training you can email, or text me your certificate, or forward the email from TWS/Equus thanking you for completing the course. Those who complete job readiness will be prioritized for interview recommendation/name submission. Should you encounter any obstacles when calling WorkForce, please ask for the center director. 

**NOTE: Participation in the FreshStart Employment Program does not guarantee hiring**