B2B Connect

The Small Business Centers B2B Connect program is a dynamic platform designed to foster collaboration and growth among small businesses. It serves as a centralized hub where entrepreneurs can connect, share resources, and explore partnership opportunities. The program facilitates meaningful interactions between small business owners, allowing them to leverage each other’s expertise, expand their networks, and access new markets. Through its comprehensive range of services, including networking events, workshops, and mentorship programs, B2B Connect empowers small businesses to thrive in a competitive marketplace. Whether it’s finding a complementary partner, seeking professional advice, or discovering innovative solutions, the Small Business Centers B2B Connect program acts as a catalyst for entrepreneurial success.

The Small Business Centers (SBC) organizes B2B Connect Networking Events, bringing together small business owners, SBC Program Administrators, and City Department Heads to foster networking and mutual learning. These meetings take place on a monthly basis and are open to everyone interested. To attend future B2B Connect meetings, individuals can follow SBC on social media or stay updated through the Source Dallas calendar for upcoming events. The only requirement for attendance is to RSVP through the link provided with the monthly flyer. Each month, SBC actively engages with new city departments, enabling small business owners to connect with them and explore potential collaboration opportunities. Participating in these events offers a valuable chance to expand professional networks, gain insights on doing business with the City, and engage in meaningful conversations with department heads.

Upcoming MPP Event

Information will be posted soon.

SBC B2B Connect Networking

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