Essential Business Resources

Every entrepreneur can benefit from four critical sources of help: business advising, technical assistance, networks and funding. Explore the role of each resource category below and find out how to access those resources for your business or find Small Business Center partners for these resources in the Resource Navigator.

Business Advising

Experienced business mentors, counselors and coaches have walked where you have, failed and succeeded.

Find a trusted mentor to help you assess your personal preparedness for business, plan your strategy, get organized and overcome challenges.

Technical Assistance

Starting and running a business means mastering many skills.

Find services to help
you learn, brush up on, or master accounting, human resources, technology, legal and other content you need to meet your day-to-day business operation needs.


Networking is a key component of any successful business. Every entrepreneur needs an extensive network of peers, suppliers, and new business leads to start and keep their enterprise going.

Connect with organizations
that can plug you into the rich network of business opportunities in Dallas.


Understanding funding options and making the most of the funding opportunities available is essential to starting and growing your business.

Find organizations
that can help you prepare for and secure funding for your business.