Starting a Business

Business Startup Package

The Small Business Center Quick Reference Guide is a comprehensive resource provided by the City of Dallas Small Business Center. This guide aims to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners by providing valuable information, tools, and references to navigate the business landscape effectively. Click below to access the City of Dallas Small Business Centers Quick Reference Guide.

To ensure you are well-prepared for entrepreneurship, the City of Dallas Small Business Center offers various resources and tools. Here are some key steps and resources provided:

1. Be Prepared for Entrepreneurship

To get started, download the Are-You-Ready-For-Business 22, which will help you assess your readiness for entrepreneurship. Additionally, use the Source Dallas-client-startup-package to determine the capital you’ll need before launching your business.


2. Do Your Research

Access resources that will assist you in researching your business idea and developing a solid plan. Download fact sheets such as “Evaluate Your Business Idea” and “Business Plan Checklist” to guide you through the research and planning process.

    1. Evaluate Your Business Idea
    2. Have a Business Plan Checklist: business-plan-checklist 2022


3. Startup Checklist

Ensure you are legally compliant and ready to operate your business in Dallas. This is a crucial time to consult with an attorney. Utilize the “Business Registration, Tax, and Regulations Checklist” fact sheet to navigate through the necessary steps and considerations for your business.

    1. business-registration-tax-and-regulation-checklist 2022

4. Additional Help

the City of Dallas has partnered with various agencies to provide additional assistance in building your business:

    • Understanding Funding Options: Learn about different funding sources and develop a funding strategy for both startups and ongoing operations.
    • Choose a Mentor: Find a mentor who can provide guidance and support. Explore available training opportunities to enhance your business skills.
    • Build Your Network: Connect with peers, suppliers, and potential business leads to expand your network and explore collaboration opportunities.
    • Resource Navigator: Use the Resource Navigator tool to search and access a comprehensive database of partner resources and services.

By leveraging these resources and taking advantage of the support available, you can enhance your entrepreneurial journey and increase your chances of success in Dallas.