As of August 1, 2024, the Small Business Center Incentives Programs will be transitioned to the City of Dallas Economic Development Department. Please contact Economic Development for current and future inquiries.

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The Entrepreneurship Branch of the City of Dallas Small Business Center is a valuable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners in the city of Dallas. It is dedicated to fostering a thriving business environment and providing comprehensive support to individuals looking to start, grow, or sustain their businesses.

The Entrepreneurship Branch offers a wide range of services and programs designed to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to succeed in their business ventures. Click the bottom below to access the SBC Small Business Quick Reference Guide.

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Loan & Grant Information

The City of Dallas Small Business Center offers a range of programs and grants specifically designed to support entrepreneurs and small businesses in the area. Here are three notable initiatives offered by the branch:

  1. South Dallas/Fair Park Opportunity Fund: This fund aims to provide financial assistance to entrepreneurs and small business owners in South Dallas/Fair Park, a historically underserved area. The fund offers grants or low-interest loans to support business growth, expansion, and job creation within the community. The Opportunity Fund helps bridge the financial gap and provides access to capital for businesses that may face challenges in obtaining traditional financing.
  2. Southern Dallas Investment Fund: The Southern Dallas Investment Fund is another initiative of the Entrepreneurship Branch, focused on fostering economic development and revitalization in Southern Dallas. It provides investment capital to businesses and entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their operations in this area. The fund helps attract and retain businesses, generate employment opportunities, and stimulate economic growth in Southern Dallas.
  3. Southern Dallas Adaptive Reuse Grant: The Southern Dallas Adaptive Reuse Grant program is specifically targeted at supporting the adaptive reuse of existing buildings in Southern Dallas. This grant encourages entrepreneurs to repurpose underutilized or vacant properties, transforming them into viable business locations. By offering financial support for renovation or refurbishment costs, the grant aims to revitalize neighborhoods, attract businesses, and contribute to the overall revitalization of Southern Dallas.

These programs and grants offered by the Entrepreneurship Branch of the City of Dallas Small Business Center demonstrate the commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and fostering economic development in underserved areas. By providing access to capital, facilitating adaptive reuse, and offering targeted support, the branch aims to create an environment conducive to business growth and entrepreneurial success in South Dallas/Fair Park and Southern Dallas as a whole. To learn more details, click the button below.

We can Help

Nearly 80% of businesses in Dallas are classified as small businesses, employing nearly 40% of the City’s workforce. Small businesses account for a significant number of jobs and play a key role in growing tax revenue. Small business is fundamental to workforce development, especially in minority, immigrant and under educated population communities. A small business is generally defined as having less than 20 employees, with micro businesses generally defined as having less than 5 employees.

Small businesses struggle for survival and tend to have a very high failure rate, especially in the first years after start up. In certain industries, the failure rate is as high as 90%. Small business success is dependent upon sound management and administration, procurement opportunities, and access to capital, talent, and markets.

Interested in starting your own business? Contact the Small Business Center to provide the following information:

  • An Introduction to Small Business: What is a small business, understanding your business startup costs, and developing a business plan
  • Selecting a Business Structure: Determining the business structure that works best for you
  • Selecting a Business Name: Selecting your business name and getting it registered
  • Taxation: What are your tax responsibilities, local to federal
  • Permits, Approvals, Licenses & Regulations: Determining the best location for your business and getting the necessary permissions
  • Additional Information: Home-Based Business Regulations, in English en español.