B2B Connect with the Minority Design Professionals Council(MDPC)

The City of Dallas Small Business Center(SBC) launched their new program, B2B Connect, this past week. This program aims to help local organizations network and connect with City of Dallas department heads to learn more about potential projects together. Departments will have their own Round Table Sessions where they will speak about their department future and current plans. Guest will be able to speak about their company and discuss future opportunities.

SBC hosted their first B2B Connect meeting on March 29, 2023 with the Minority Design Professionals Council(MDPC). The following companies were MDPC Attendees:

  1. ARS Engineers
  2. APM & Associates
  3. Arredondo, Zepeda & Brunz
  4. Dikita Engineering
  5. Iconic Consulting Group
  6. IDG Architects
  7. Mas-Tek Engineering & Associates
  8. Metropolitan Infrastructure
  9. PSA Management
  10. Simon Engineering & Consulting, Inc.
  11. TJ Hunter Engineering

The members of MDPC had the opportunity to connect with department heads from Aviation, Bond Office, Public Works, Park & Recreation, Transportation, and Water Utilities.