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Small Business Center – Funding Resources Webinar

The City of Dallas Small Business Center hosts the SBC Funding Resources Webinar reviewing information regarding business grants and commonly asked questions related to funding opportunities. The event will be presented by Erma Saracho and Corey Morgan   City of Dallas|SourceDallas.org

SBC Small Business Spotlight: Encanto Market & Cocina Grand

The Encanto Market & Cocina Grand Opening held Saturday, February 12th is one of the true success stories of our Small Business Center’s Adaptive Reuse Program.  The grand opening was a BIG hit with an adoring crowd of patrons there to support.  This neighborhood general store is focused on providing...

Your Business, Your Responsibility?

You decide to start your own small business. You’ve done the necessary research, and answered these fundamental questions: What to name your business? What products or services will you offer? Who are your customers? Who are your competitors? Will the business be a sole proprietorship? You even created a business...

Step Right up to Your Business Pitch

Learn what type of pitch you need for what occasion, as well as where to find resources to develop your own pitch. Also, practice your pitch within the Dallas entrepreneurial community. Find opportunities with local partner organizations.

Cost of Business: The Burden of Business

Here are four common ways that small and micro-businesses find funding for starting up. Learn the basics about loans, grants, venture capital and angel investors or whether or not you should borrow money from your friends and family.