Dallas City Council Unanimously Adopts New Commercial Promoter Program

The new ordinance is intended to promote safety and accountability at large events in the city

DALLAS — Dallas City Council voted unanimously on Wednesday to adopt an ordinance amending the Dallas City Code to add a new Chapter 38A, “Promoters.”

The ordinance is intended to keep Dallas residents safe at commercially-promoted events by requiring commercial promoters to register with the City of Dallas for a $175 fee and submit safety plans. It also includes emergency response cost recovery, penalty and suspension provisions to hold violators accountable.

“This ordinance focuses attention on keeping residents safe at all the amazing entertainment events Dallas offers,” said Councilmember Adam McGough, Chair of the Public Safety Committee. “Chief Garcia is doing everything in his power to improve public safety in our city, and I believe this will serve as one more helpful tool.”

“The job of the men and women of the Dallas Police Department is to keep this city safe,” said Eddie Garcia, Chief of the Dallas Police Department. “The improved commercial promoter ordinance helps us in our mission by making sure that commercial promoters and venue operators plan their events responsibly. We want people to enjoy our city and all of its events, but each event should be conducted safely and legally.”

Created at the recommendation of Garcia following the tragic shooting that occurred at an outdoor trail ride and concert in Southern Dallas on April 2, the first draft of the ordinance was presented to members of the Public Safety Committee on May 9 and then reviewed again on May 17 during a special-called Public Safety Committee meeting during which the public was invited to comment. After, the Convention and Events Services – Office of Special Events hosted five public-input meetings to solicit additional input.

“We must do everything we can to keep people safe while they are enjoying themselves in our city,” Mayor Eric Johnson said. “That is why I am proud to support our new promoter’s ordinance that will improve accountability and safety at large events. I want to thank Police Chief Eddie Garcia and Chairman Adam McGough for their leadership on this issue. Together, we are working to make Dallas the safest major city in the United States.”

The new ordinance is effective immediately; however, promoters will have a 60-day grace period from fines and suspensions. The new ordinance does not preclude the definition established in Chapter 42A for Special Event Permit requirements, but if an event requires a Special Event Permit under Chapter 42A, then Chapter 38A will not apply. Residents may access the approved ordinance and the registration form beginning on June 27 on www.dallasspecialevents.com.

Along with the ordinance’s adoption, Convention and Event Services has launched a new online application system, Eproval. The new Eproval system will streamline the process of submitting and reviewing permits and promoter registrations for the Convention and Events Services – Office of Special Events. Learn more at www.dallasspecialevents.com.