Industry Junction Inc. City Supplier

Industry Junction, a certified minority supplier for the City of Dallas since 2012, experienced remarkable growth over the years. Initially grossing $50,000 in sales that year, Industry Junction Inc has soared to new heights, achieving over $26 million in revenue in the past year. This impressive success is attributed to their commitment to providing high-performing products for numerous city, county, and state projects. 

Before establishing Industry Junction Inc, its founder, Rogelio Cabello, gained valuable expertise while working for a financial institution equipment company. Immersed in the supplying industry, Rogelio seized every opportunity to expand his skills and knowledge, willingly taking on diverse roles and responsibilities. His dedication and continuous growth within the company propelled him up the ladder, ultimately inspiring him to embark on his own entrepreneurial journey. Rogelio’s philosophy was simple – he never turned down an opportunity for growth. This determined mindset, combined with his ability to seize each chance for advancement, played a crucial role in his rapid ascent within his former job and ultimately fueled the creation of Industry Junction Inc. 

Now, after a decade in the industry, Rogelio Cabello has accumulated invaluable insights that he is eager to share with other aspiring business owners looking to grow. First and foremost, he underscores the importance of starting small. Beginning with manageable projects allowed him to gain experience and expertise and growing his credibility with the City of Dallas. A solid track record of delivering quality products and services on time and within budget has been instrumental in earning the city’s trust. This credibility not only secured repeat business but also opened doors to more significant opportunities and larger contracts. Another critical aspect of his success was the cultivation of strong relationships with subcontractors. Rogelio shares a remarkable story from his early days when subcontractors vouched for his capabilities to others involved in different IPL projects. These personal endorsements played a pivotal role in helping him secure contracts and expand his business. 

Embracing every opportunity that came his way contributed significantly to the gradual expansion of his business. Learning from each experience, he continued to progress steadily. For instance, as contracts became more substantial, he recognized the need for a corporate lawyer to navigate the complexities. With each new opportunity came evolving requirements and guidelines, prompting him to continually adapt and enhance his business operations. 

Mr. Cabello expresses his appreciation for the City of Dallas and its employees, particularly highlighting Lisa Alonzo, the Senior Contract Appliance Administrator, for her guidance during his initial stages and current support in recommending him for city projects. He also commends the small business centers programs and extends gratitude to the City of Dallas for creating a helpful and supportive environment for its employees. 

Furthermore, Mr. Cabello recognizes the exemplary behavior of the city employees, who have demonstrated a model for how other municipalities should engage with suppliers. Their positive approach sets a high standard for effective collaboration with external partners. 

The inspiring journey of Industry Junction Inc and its founder, Rogelio Cabello, exemplifies the power of determination and seizing opportunities for growth. From humble beginnings, they have achieved remarkable success, becoming a leading minority supplier for the City of Dallas. Their commitment to delivering high-performing products for various projects and their focus on building strong relationships have been instrumental in their rapid ascent. Mr. Cabello’s invaluable business tips, such as starting small and embracing every opportunity, offer valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. The City of Dallas and its employees have played a significant role in their success, providing essential guidance and support while setting an excellent example for effective collaboration with suppliers. Industry Junction Inc’s story serves as a testament to the potential of hard work, dedication, and a positive, growth-oriented mindset in achieving significant milestones in the business world.