The FreshStart Roundtable Session

The FreshStart Employment Program and Small Business Office organized a roundtable discussion aimed at fostering a strong partnership with Hiring Managers and Business Partners from the City of Dallas. The objective of the round-table discussion was to speak briefly about FreshStart History, Recidivism, City Manager’s Goal for the program, Challenges, DBI Database, Retention and FreshStart Spotlight Employees.

The session commenced with a concise introduction to the FreshStart Program, emphasizing the top skills possessed by the participants. Subsequently, the discussion delved into addressing frequently asked questions commonly raised by hiring managers and partners. Attendees were then given the opportunity to pose unanswered questions, offer feedback, and share any additional comments or concerns they had. 

Every year, the Small Business Center will present an award to the department that achieves the highest number of hires. Joyce Williams, the Director of the Small Business Office, presented an award to Parks and Recreation in recognition of their outstanding commitment to the FreshStart Program. Parks and Recreation has hired an impressive 37% of the total FreshStart hires, making them the top employer in this regard.