Big D is business friendly!

Dallas has a great reputation as a “business friendly” city (see: ; ; and ). And rightly so. It is easy to start a business in the City of Dallas. How easy? Here’s a list of permits required by the city to start your business:   

That’s right; unless you’re selling booze, food, dance, or billiards, chances are you don’t need a permit from the City of Dallas. But, check with the city to make certain:

However, Dallas County also has a say about your business, particularly what you name your business. For more information on creating a dba (doing business as) head over to the Dallas County Clerk’s office:

Also, your new business will be required to act as a collector of sales tax (bummer!) Find out more about that requirement from the Texas Comptroller’s Office:

And remember, the Dallas B.R.A.I.N. is here to point you in the right direction of answers to your business related questions.