FreshStart Spotlight: Ivory Simmons

Introducing Ivory! Ivory has actively participated in the FreshStart Program for nearly a year. Starting off as a 311 operator, Ivory swiftly ascended and was soon promoted to the position of WIC Clerk. Her inspiring journey exemplifies the remarkable opportunities that this program offers.

FreshStart Employment also supports the client throughout the application and interview process, before the process handoff to Human Resources for new hire onboarding. To prevent background checks from becoming a barrier, the City of Dallas has adjusted its background check process for FreshStart Employment clients, who have completed all eligibility, readiness and training requirements. The initial step to pre-determine program eligibility is to complete and submit the online pre-eligibility form. You should receive an email shortly after which highlights the next steps of the process.

The Criminal Background Considerations are:

  • Misdemeanors Charges – Non-Aggravated – NO Waiting Period
  • Felony Charges – Non-Aggravated – 6-month Waiting Period 
  • Felony Charges – Aggravated – 2-year minimum Waiting Period
  • Other Felony Charges – 5-year minimum Waiting Period 
  • Pending cases will not be considered until the case is resolved 
  • Active Warrants will not be considered until lifted 
  • Deferred Adjudication allowed 
  • Probation/Parole allowed

**Note: Being a part of the FreshStart program does not guarantee employment