The City of Dallas Small Business Center proudly presents the 2022 Women‘s Entrepreneurs Leadership Forum held virtually from March 30 – April 21, 2022. Join us to receive valuable information about writing business plans, marketing, and building strategic lender relationships to finance your business.

She has an Idea!

This forum is for businesswomen who are in the idea/concept phase of their business. This phase of the forum will help identify and understand:

  • Writing an Effective Business Plan
  • Learning the differences in Business Registrations
  • Marketing strategies
  • Non-Traditional Lending

She’s On Her Way Up!

New start-up small businesses earning under $500K annually who has a solid business plan in place and has already established herself as a business owner who knows how to make money.

In this session she will learn:

  • Where to get $$ for Training & Hiring
  • Traditional Lending
  • Giving & Receiving Effective Feedback
  • Licensing & Permitting