Adapting to Covid-19: Recovery Phase for a Post Covid-19 Business

Reinvent and Reinvigorate 

Small businesses have been hit especially hard during this pandemic. WiNGS is launching a new program, based on their 13 week Business Plan Training Program, to help in the recovery phase post-COVID19. 

Many small businesses have just been getting by and did not have strong plans, systems, and infrastructure in place for this type of global event. This program will assist women-owned small businesses prepare and maximize the relief options they could be getting.

WiNGS Women’s Enterprise Center is launching our BUSINESS REINVENTION COHORT this summer to help you evaluate, plan, recover, reinvent, and reinvigorate your business.

Find out more about this new program specially designed for EXISTING SMALL BUSINESSES by attending our Information Session. To sign-up, go to

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