Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce

Our Mission at the Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce is To Promote, Strengthen and Expand the Business Community.


The Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce is a member owned non-profit (501c6) organization of businessmen and women who are investing their resources in community development programs – working together to “promote strengthen and expand the business community” of Grand Prairie.

The Grand Prairie Chamber Of Commerce represents a unique partnership with business, civic and educational leaders in Grand Prairie. The goal of this partnership is to build a community where businesses flourish, education is continually improving and the community enjoys a safe and friendly environment.

The Grand Prairie Chamber Of Commerce seeks to partner with the City and our schools. We will accomplish our goals by serving our members as our members serve the community. What does the Chamber do? The Chamber acts: As a watch-dog to protect your interest in local, state and national legislation that may affect your business and community. To work for more and better job opportunities for the people who patronize your business. To promote a good public image of your community for business and industry. How does the Chamber do that?

The Chamber’s operational budget comes from the business member’s yearly investment. We also create special projects to support a Program of Work. The mission, budget and Program of Work are designed by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of elected and appointed members.

The President of the Chamber maintains the day to day operations of the organization and has full responsibility for the staff. Each year the Chamber board develops a Program of Work designed to meet our mission. Implementation of the Program is made possible through the involvement of working committees comprised of member volunteers and community leaders. The members, their efforts, voice and commitment toward these programs are the backbone of the organization.

Meetings of the committees and task forces are held at varying times each month, but there are general membership gatherings that occur regularly. Business After Hours Ribbon Cuttings Membership Luncheons Monthly Branding Iron Luncheons Taste of Grand Prairie and Community Spotlight Other events where marketing opportunities exist Business Exchange Breakfast Lunch-N-Leads Group

What’s in it for me and my business? The Chamber provides a myriad of opportunities to enhance our member’s professional and personal growth as well as to expand their business. We do this through networking opportunities provided at various times during the month. The networking events offer the chance for our members to form communities of interest so that they can refer their friends, customers and acquaintances to other chamber members.

As you create this network of professionals, you will naturally gain insights in the better ways to manager your business. Or you might serve as a mentor for a newer member who can benefit from you experiences in the business world. The chamber encourages members to “shop our membership first”, so when you join the chamber you are provided hundreds of potential customers. As other members get to “know, like and trust” you, they will buy from you and will refer other business to you. That is chamber membership at it’s best!

Activities of the Chamber all serve to enhance the business community. All efforts point to meeting our mission ”to promote strengthen and expand the business community”. Why is this so important? The cycle looks something like this: Our community attracts residents and visitors. Residents and visitors spend money with local merchants. Money spent locally increases business and tax revenues. Increased business and tax revenues allow the community to continue to improve services to both our businesses and our residents.

The success of the Chamber is predicated on the dedication and commitment of its members. As a member, you have the opportunity to have a voice in the community, to make a difference in our City and assist in creating a successful education system for future generations. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce, to partnering with you in growing our respective business.

Services Provided

Business Planning

  • Find research tools & data sources

International Business

  • Networking

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  • Small Business/General

Startup / Form a Business

  • Formation & registration
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