Financially Intelligent and Ready for Business

There are countless examples of people who say that they do not have enough time or money to start a business. Both excuses kill ideas before they have a chance to grow into small businesses. Getting your personal finances in order is a positive step towards entrepreneurship and getting rid of the ‘not enough’ money excuse. Changing your perspective on money, or the lack there of, can ultimately lead you towards financial goals that you have wanted to achieve—like starting a small business, but never thought you could. 

No, not a Budget—but sort of

The Dallas Public Library has resources to help you develop a better understanding of money and growing wealth written by experts who have lead themselves and their clients to be responsible and financially savvy individuals. While library staff cannot give financial or legal advice, we can encourage people to read our resources and learn from a wide range of authors on any given subject. By exploring different perspectives on a subject, people learn to think critically and evaluate issues in a more complete manner. The following titles are just a few in our collection that touch on personal finance and wealth management. Visit our Dallas Public Library online catalog to search through an even large selection about money management and how to create and achieve financial goals.

Money how to make it, save it, and spend it
The money
queen’s guide: for women who want to build wealth and banish

Smart strategies for saving and building wealth
The money book for the young, fabulous & broke
Slaying the debt dragon: how one family conquered their money monster and
found an inspired happily ever after
Kill your mortgage and sort your retirement

Literally, Check out our Collection

Many of the above-mentioned titles do not focus on creating a budget or kicking your daily coffee habit, but rather evaluating your personal situation, and creating road maps to guide your financial journey. The end goal is not to cut out unnecessary spending, but rather set money apart to invest and grow your wealth. Today you may not qualify for that small business loan, or have enough money set aside to quit your job and work on your new start up full-time, but if that is your goal you need your financial plan to reflect those ambitions. And what better place to start than at the library where self-learning and advancing lives is at the core of our mission. There are many ways to check out materials form the library, visit one of our 28 branch locations, call or review the About Us page online for details about getting a library card.