About Us

About Us:

The City of Dallas Small Business Center was established in December 2021 as a hub for promoting business diversity, workforce development, and entrepreneurship. By bringing together various programs, the center provides comprehensive support to address the growth and development needs of small businesses while also offering workforce readiness and re-entry services to residents. Through its activities, the Small Business Center is making a positive impact on the Dallas economy.

The Small Business Center (SBC) caters to a wide range of entities, including entrepreneurs, small businesses, minority-owned business enterprises, non-profits, and workforce development initiatives. To effectively address the diverse needs of these groups, the SBC is divided into three branches, each focusing on different areas:

  1. Business Inclusion and Development Branch: This branch is dedicated to promoting business inclusion and development. It oversees MWBE (Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises) contract compliance, small business certification, and outreach programs. By ensuring compliance with MWBE requirements, providing certification opportunities, and engaging in outreach activities, this branch aims to foster a more inclusive business environment.
  2. Entrepreneurship Branch: The Entrepreneurship Branch is focused on supporting and nurturing entrepreneurs. It offers a range of services, including small business and vendor assistance, funding opportunities, and business/technical advising. By providing guidance and resources, this branch aims to empower entrepreneurs and facilitate the growth and success of their businesses.
  3. Workforce Branch: The Workforce Branch is primarily concerned with employment and workforce assistance. It provides support to job seekers and individuals looking to re-enter the workforce through programs such as the FreshStart Program. By offering resources and assistance, this branch aims to enhance workforce readiness and promote employment opportunities in the community.

Overall, the City of Dallas Small Business Center plays a crucial role in supporting the growth and development of small businesses, promoting business inclusion, and fostering workforce readiness. By offering a range of services through its branches, the center is actively contributing to the economic vitality of Dallas.


Every entrepreneur can benefit from four critical sources of help: business advising, technical assistance, networks and funding. Explore the role of each resource category below and find out how to access those resources for your business or find Small Business Center partners for these resources in the Resource Navigator.

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If you need computer assistance, visit the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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