City of Dallas DPD Crime Data Dashboard

The City of Dallas Office of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence in partnership with the Dallas Police Department (DPD) launched a new interactive Crime Analytics Dashboard giving the public a closer look at DPD crime-related data. In addition to listing the date, time and the frequency of a given crime, users can also see information on victim demographics, dispatched calls for service and response time. Data from the past two years is provided by city level, council district, ZIP code, division, sector, beat, and reporting area and will refresh daily. This important tool increases transparency and enables the public and city leaders to explore crime data they are personally interested in across the City of Dallas.


To help users, DBI has published a complementary story page on this dashboard that provides information on navigating the dashboard and using its interactive features.

As a reminder, Dallas residents can file an online police report here. Also attached is DPD’s monthly Public Safety report to the Mayor and City Council.

The Dallas Fire-Rescue dashboard is available here.