Research (cont.)

Greetings entrepreneur enthusiasts. Last time we introduced the concept that research is the first among equal skills of successful entrepreneurs. This time I want to continue along that line of thought. I recently conducted a simple internet search for “entrepreneur success” using Google Chrome. The search returned 453 million hits. The first page of returns contained articles from,,, and, online magazines with their print versions available at the Dallas Public Library. The page also contained blogs from Brian Tracy and Neil Patel, individuals of whom I had never heard; an article from, a website of which I had not previously heard), (a website of which I have limited familiarity), and Based on my research experience I opened these in the following order:, then the magazine websites followed by,, and finally the two blog posts. Different people will have made different choices based on their own research experience. My point being: conducting random internet searches and carefully considering the results will provide you with valuable research experience. As with any endeavor, from owning a business to playing a musical instrument, the more you practice the better you become. So, passionate purveyors of professionalism remember: Research! Research! Research! And, I’ll leave it to you to discover what information conveys.


Once again I encourage those of you who have young readers at home to take this opportunity to demonstrate the importance of reading to them: let them know what you’re reading and why. Also, summer is the perfect time to get those readers, and you, in the Mayor’s Summer Reading Challenge. Here’s the link to join:

Who knows? Maybe in addition to becoming a better entrepreneur, you’ll win a cool prize?