Beat the summer heat

Summer heat is almost upon us, though the recent temperatures may have caused you to think otherwise. Now is a good time to stay in & research the start of your business. “Research?” you ask. Yes, research. Many entrepreneurial experts list “research” as being in the top 10, or even top 5, skills a successful entrepreneur has mastered. One such individual is Anna Johansson. Writing for the website, Ms. Johansson in her article 5 Skills That Are the Foundation of Entrepreneurial Success, lists research as the first skill entrepreneurs should master. The Dallas Public Library has the books available to help you become a better researcher; three such titles are:

Research & writing skills: success in 20 minutes a day / Rachael Stark.

Library skills and Internet research / Precious McKenzie.

The quick college guide: Reading and study skills, writing and languageskills, document design and formats, research and documentation, lifeskills / Clay D. Rooks, Richard A. Santos.


For those of you who have young readers at home, I encourage you to take this opportunity to demonstrate the importance of reading to them: let them know what you’re reading and why. Also, summer is the perfect time to get those readers, and you, in the Mayor’s Summer Reading Challenge. Here’s the link to join:

Who knows? Maybe in addition to becoming a better entrepreneur, you’ll win a cool prize?



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