Utilizing Technology In a Non-Tech Small Business

Although society has been inundated by the modern era and people are able to access information at the stroke of a keyboard, some businesses have not yet embraced all that technology has to offer. There still exist today a good number of businesses, particularly those operating in personal services, that do not employ the use of technology in their business. This article is meant to help small business owners operating in non-tech oriented industries understand where in their business and how can technology assist them. 

Typically technology can be used in the following segments of a business: production, marketing, and logistics. The first step to determine where technology can fit into your business is to break-down your business along the above three lines.

Analyze the manner in which your company produces a widget. Technology is typically a helpful additive in situations where production is labor-intensive and repetitive. Although there may likely be some substantial upfront capital cost in putting a new technology in place, project likely savings from the technology and determine the amount of time after the technology is incorporated that it will take you to break-even. 

Marketing is by far one of the easiest business segments to incorporate technology. It is extremely easy and FREE for any business to create a business page on various social media platforms and market their business. Expanding your market scope through technology will allow you to tap a whole new audience without even stepping foot outside of your shop. 

Technology can also assist you with operating your business better. There are computer programs that allow businesses to communicate better, price their product better, have a better grasp on inventory, etc.

If you think that your industry is too far removed from the use of technology and cannot see where to start with analyzing if technology can help your business, then start with these three areas of your business to determine if technology should be implemented into your business.

Content contributed by Jermaine A. Hunt, the Dallas Entrepreneur Network. The Dallas Entrepreneur Network is a proud affiliate of U.S.SourceLink, America’s largest resource network for entrepreneurs.