Bush Boyz Enterprises: South Dallas Investment Fund Recipient

The Small Business Center presented a $30,000 South Dallas Investment Fund (SDIF) Grant to Bush Boyz Enterprises to improve their location building for Pelindaba Lavender, located at 313 N Bishop Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75208.  

Pelindaba Lavender grows lavender plants and focuses on producing and selling lavender based products ranging from personal care, home cleaning and fragrances, therapy, outdoors, floral décor, and more! With the SDIF Grant, Bush Boyz Enterprises was able to increase business activity, and promote commercial growth in southern Dallas. The project scope consists of capital improvements and providing economic and human development in surrounding areas. The Bush Boyz Enterprises, LLC project helped with the remodeling of the storefront for Pelindaba Lavender.   

The purpose of the South Dallas Investment Fund is to promote economic development and support human development initiatives in neighborhood. The Bush Boyz Project created around 3 part-time jobs and 1 full time. The total project cost is $33,270 including building relocation and remodeling.