FreshStart Spotlight: Livy Shipman

“Thank you for this life changing experience”

Livy Shipman is an extraordinary example of the amazing work being done by FreshStart participants all around the City of Dallas. Mr. Shipman has been a part of the custodial staff for the City of Dallas for the past six months. Thanks to his hardwork and dedication, he is already being considered for a potential promotion in the near future.

What’s FreshStart?

The Small Business Center –  FreshStart Employment Program, is aimed at ensuring that current, unemployed, underemployed, seasonally employed, and temporarily employed individuals with criminal backgrounds, have the opportunity to obtain full-time employment within the City of Dallas and receive the support needed to maintain and thrive in the workforce. 

FreshStart relies on a combination of internal programs and local community-based organizations to refer eligible clients and to help potential clients gain the stability and skills needed to become successful employees. The FreshStart staff will work with City departments to help place clients in full-time positions with opportunities for growth.