LATINA Style Magazine held its 2022 Business Series,  Friday, June 24, 2022, and received a proclamation from the City of Dallas, presented by Nina Vaca.

“Now, therefore, I Eric Johnson, Mayor of the City of Dallas, do hereby proclaim Friday, June 24, 2022, as LATINA Style Business Series Day in Dallas, Texas, and recognize their outstanding commitment to empowering Latina leaders throughout the city of Dallas and beyond.”
The City of Dallas Small Business Center, Senior Outreach Specialist, Denita Lacking-Quinn served as a panelist for the Business Series. LATINA Style is proud to continue its mission of helping to empower Latina entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners.

LATINA Style Magazine, the premier magazine addressing the needs of the Latina professional and business owner, is proud to present the LATINA Style Business Series. This interactive business development program brings together Latina business owners with key corporations and government agencies that provide the goods and services needed by these outstanding entrepreneurs. Over 40,000 Latina entrepreneurs in over 140 cities have participated in the Series since its inception in 1998. The series also presents a unique opportunity for corporations to recruit potential suppliers.