Adapting to Covid-19: Dallas Forward Initiative

Dallas Forward is a coalition of private and public partners dedicated to inclusive growth through the support of small business during COVID-19 and beyond. Dallas Forward streamlines access to the support services available in our community, including funding resources and technical assistance through coaching services.This resource hub will help enable the short-term recovery of our economy and ensure our continued prosperity.

*View sources for accessing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your business

*Access one-on-one personalized coaching

*Broadening Urban Investment to Leverage Dallas (B.U.I.L.D.) helps you find the resources you need to grow your startup, small business or nonprofit venture. 

            B.U.I.L.D was launched alongside the Dallas Forward initiative, which provides 1-1 support for business navigating COVID-related challenges.

             B.U.I.L.D makes it easy for any entrepreneur, freelancer, or creative to find the resources that can help them move their venture forward. Whether you are building a high-growth startup or a community movement, you can find resources and organizations to support you.