Adapting to Covid-19: Communities Foundation of Texas

Communities Foundation of Texas is closely monitoring COVID-19 both nationally and here in North Texas. There is still much that is unknown, and this is an evolving situation. At this time, CFT is focusing on how they can continue to prepare and support the nonprofits across our community. As specific needs for our community are identified, CFT will provide updates on how to help.

Resources to Support Individuals, Businesses and Nonprofits

CFT provides access to recorded Webinars and Podcasts that are relevant to community leaders and entrepreneurs include such as, Strategies for Addressing the Impact of COVID-19 on Staffing

North Texas Community Response Fund

CFT has established the North Texas Community Response Fund, that will be used to support community needs in response to COVID-19. Donations to this fund will be used to provide support for organizations that work with people and communities who may be most affected by COVID-19. This will likely include support for individuals and families who need access to food and/or healthcare, supplementing lost wages and/or housing costs or support for agencies who work with vulnerable populations such as seniors and/or homeless.

The Get Shift Done Fund at CFT

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, The Get Shift Done for North Texas Fund was launched at CFT to address both affected service workers who have lost their paychecks while providing immediate support for increased demands on nonprofits, especially with respect to hunger relief. Anurag Jain and Patrick Brandt are the innovative thinkers who brought this idea to fruition and who are working hard to make this happen in our community.


North Texas Cares : Nonprofit Organization Funding

North Texas Cares is a funder collaborative made up of North Texas foundations and United Ways that have come together to provide support for organizations that work with people and communities who may be most negatively affected by COVID-19. This includes agencies who support individuals and families with access to food and/or healthcare; supplementing lost wages and/or housing costs or serving vulnerable populations such as seniors and/or those experiencing homelessness; as well as supporting academic learning and distance learning for low-income, low-access students while schools are closed.

Participating funders are working collaboratively to collect emergency funding requests, using a common online application, in order to simplify and streamline the process for nonprofits seeking emergency funds. Funders will use a shared portal to access information submitted by nonprofits via the common grant application.

Applications from nonprofits are now being accepted on a rolling basis and will be evaluated weekly. Funding decisions will be made by each participating funder independently throughout the crisis period to facilitate the urgent need for funding in light of evolving community need. Approved requests may be funded both by individual funders as well as collectively, depending on the need. Funds will be donated directly to the grant recipients. Timelines vary by funder.