Dallas: A Great Place to Start Small

The City of Dallas is a great location to start a small business, and our city managers know that small business are key to a thriving local economy. Mayor Mike Rawlings recently accepted an award from US Conference of Mayors and Partner America Program to celebrate his role as a Small Business Advocate and the City of Dallas’ commitment to small businesses. Mayor Rawlings acknowledged that while Dallas is home to many large companies, without the small businesses, Dallas would not be able to draw and keep big business in the city. The small businesses are those that make Dallas unique, inspire community members and create a healthy economy considering that approximately 58,000 businesses are classified as small businesses. With 80% of businesses in Dallas considered small business, approximately 40% of the workforce is employed by small businesses here. 

Entrepreneurs come from all socio-economic backgrounds. There is no prerequisite class to start your own business. Inevitably, you will stumble through planning and regulatory challenges in order to open the doors. But, know that you are not alone. The Dallas BRAIN is a network to help entrepreneurs access information and connect to resources partners dedicated to creating a thriving small business ecosystem. Before connecting with a business adviser or mentor, visit the BRAIN’s Learning Center for basic information about your Concept, Starting a Business, and Growing a Business. Revising these worksheets as well as Office of Economic Development’s Quick Reference Guide prior to your first meeting will demonstrate that you are enthusiastic and committed to putting in sufficient time to planning your business.

The Small Business Administration also has resources that are free and open to the public to educate and train current and potential entrepreneurs. Web videos and worksheets like the ones available for Young Entrepreneurs, How to Write a Business Plan, and Encore Entrepreneurs are designed to assist those who are interested in taking those first steps toward opening their own business.