Startup Week is Here!

The big event is finally here! Starting today, April 3, entrepreneurs and entrepreneur supporters are coming together to celebrate and network in the heart of Downtown Dallas. Visit the schedule of events for more details on events relevant to you. Filter your events by subject of interest or come to network at community events.  

The Chase Basecamp is located at 750 North St. Paul Street, Dallas, TX 75201 events like the Salesforce Happy Hour taking place there at 5pm. Check out the speakers at this year’s event, and be sure to register for events as some venues have limited seating.

Are you interested in getting direct mentoring experience? Be sure to look for Mentor Sessions and sign up for an entrepreneurial mentor at 10 am any day Monday through Thursday. Share your experience and learn from others who have been there all this week at 12 noon at Basecamp.  We’ll see you there!