Supporting Small Businesses Year Round

holidays are a great time for businesses catering to services and gifts,
especially with strategic promotional events like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. With about 80% of all Dallas businesses being classified as small businesses, if you shopped at all during the holiday season, it was likely that at least some of it was done at small businesses. With Small Business Saturday growing and expanding every year, it is safe to say that is has more endurance than other trending ideas, like the international cash mob day that promoted shopping at a particular small business at a particular day and time. The success of shopping local during the holidays can be attributed to, in part, how it makes consumers feel about themselves and supporting their community, according to the President of American Express OPEN, Denise Pickett. But, while the holiday bump in shopping is good for business, it is just that a bump. And robust, local economies are driven by more than just one day of sales.

And while the boost to sales is what all businesses are looking for, it is important for each business to convert that one-time customer to a loyal, repeat customer throughout the year. Are you starting a small business, or are you wanting your small business to grow?

Maker your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions for your businesses attainable. The Sammon’s Small Business Center on the 5th floor of the Central Dallas Public Library has resources available to organize your vision into structured goals. Whether you want to re-evaluate your mission statement, refresh your social media strategies, or find a nonprofit that provides business lending advice, the Dallas B.R.A.I.N. can refer you to organizations, databases, or other resources to assist your start-up.