Cloud Computing and Mid-Size Business

5 Reasons Cloud Storage Will Revolutionize Mid-Sized Companies

Cloud computing seems to be the new white blood cell for online storage capacity. Some people are mystified about what “the Cloud” is all about, but the truth is, if you have ever used Gmail, stored a file in a dropbox, or watched YouTube videos- then you have used Cloud. As accessible as Cloud computing and Cloud back-up solutions are for individual users, it’s also a perfect fit for mid-sized companies for a variety of reasons. In fact, Cloud offers a number of features that could revolutionize any company – making business easier to maintain and manage. Here are just five of those reasons:

1. Lower costs plus scalability

If a business decides to purchase and house their own servers on their premises- they’re faced with the prospect of hefty start-up costs, as well as having to predict how much server space they’re going to need. In addition, they’ll also need to estimate what they may need down the road. With the cloud, a business chooses a level of service and pays a monthly rate. Network servers are bought and stored by the Cloud providers- so the business can avoid costly expense. Also, as storage needs change and expand, the business can easily scale their amount of service up or down, as needed.

2. Efficiency and ease of use

With cloud computing, storage and software is all kept in the Cloud. Cloud systems are simple, user friendly interfaces, high-speed processing, and accessible via any computer. The majority of cloud platforms can be readily integrated with other platforms, thus providing seamless usage in an automated way.

3. Fewer tedious tasks and IT hours

Cloud-based software can do a myriad of tasks, from calculating payroll and accounting to managing invoices and order flow. Many tasks that once required specialized help or hours of your own time can now be handled at large using Cloud. Also, since you won’t have to manage your own servers in-house, you’ll no longer have to pay an IT person to maintain each one. All of this is done by Cloud computing, freeing up your time and resources to be put into more creative and fun pursuits.

4. Easier collaboration

With Cloud, file sharing is now easier than ever. Instead of printing and passing out multiple copies of physical documentation and hoping everyone will stay on the same page- you can now work on a shared file within the cloud system. File sharing allows for easy and efficient collaboration on projects large and small. To ensure the accessibility of your data- you might consider cloud backup solutions as an added layer of security.

5. Liberate yourself- work from (almost) anywhere

Since the Cloud can be accessed from any computer- you’re no longer tethered to the office. With your files and data stored remotely up in the Cloud- you’ll have access to your work from anywhere. Whether it’s New York, Paris, Sydney, or a beach side cafe in Maui, Cloud allows you to make almost any destination a virtual office. 

Mallory Rosenquist started as a journalism major and quickly grew fond of the technology sector. She currently writes for, a digital content distribution organization.